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The Bailey Middle School Library is honored to host an author visit on Monday, October 30!  Nidhi Chanani, author of the new book Pashmina, will be on campus to share her talents as an artist and an author with students!  Teachers with 6th-grade classes during the scheduled time of the visit have been invited to bring their classes to participate.


If you would like to purchase a book for yourself, your student, and/or as a donation, please send cash or check in the amount of $18.50 to Jennifer Ripstra, Librarian at Bailey.  If you prefer to order a book with credit card, please go to  

If you pay by check, please make checks payable to BOOKPEOPLE . Please include your TX driver’s license # and phone # on check. Checks will be processed anytime up to two weeks following the date of the event.


This is a great opportunity for our Bailey community.  Your support is appreciated!  

Click HERE for order form.

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