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Welcome to a new year of Middle School!


Middle school is such a weird season for most and is often viewed as a "fly-over" season in family rhythms. It's not elementary, where "littles" need tons of attention, and it's not yet high school, where "young adults" need to grow in maturity to prep for college and adult life. These three years often become a hodge-podge of everything, a mixture of families that try to hang on to their littles and others are pushing their not-so-littles into independence. It's just weird for everyone!


But middle school can be a special time in the life of a young person, where each kid discovers steps of independence at their own speed. That is the beautiful thing about middle school; there isn't just one way of doing it! Everyone is free to go at their own pace when taking those next steps. Our hope and mission for the Bailey PTA is to play a small role in helping every kid grown, learn, and mature in ways that works for them. The time, resources, and energy that you give help us accomplish that goal. We cannot do this without you!


We would like to invite you to join us in creating spaces where kids can thrive and have healthy middle school experiences. When you join the PTA and serve alongside us, you help make our events and initiatives successful for our kids and community. As our PTA grows, we become stronger advocates for our school and families. I hope you are up for the challenge and the journey that lies ahead. Thank you in advance for helping us have another great year at Bailey Middle School.

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