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Dance Committee: Ironically Middle School is where the dances happen. When students get to High School they only have one dance, Prom. So if you want to be involved with dances, now is the time. Tasks include: Plan dance themes and decorations, decorate, sell admission tickets, help at the dance.


Fundraising Committee: PTA hosts two fundraisers a year (one in the Fall and one in the Spring). These fundraisers are important to bringing in the funds we need to implement programs and meet the needs of the school. This year we are purchasing $4,000 worth of new computers for the school. Tasks include: deciding which fundraiser to host, helping implement the fundraiser, collecting money.


Hospitality Committee: Involves food and serving! If you want to get face time with the teachers and make them happy, this is your committee. Plans 3 teachers’ luncheons a year and provides food for school events (Bear Day, fundraisers, dances, 8th grade graduation, awards ceremonies, etc.). Tasks include: negotiating prices with vendors, picking up food, serving teachers or food at events.


Campus Beautification Committee: Work with the Administration to identify projects to improve our Campus. This committee is currently making over the Cafeteria. Tasks include: working with external designers, developing a plan and coordinating vendors. The goal is to visually update the cafeteria by create a stimulating environment that maximizes room functionality for community events and empowers students and faculty to make good food choices. This committee will begin implementing updates to the café when school is out in May.


Program Committee: Implements at least 3 programs a year. These programs align with PTA’s goals. The committee identifies potential programs to implement, presents the ideas to the board and implements the programs. This year we sponsored the Reflections Program, A Star Gazing Night with students and faculty, and are hosting the Cyber Bullying education assemblies.


Reflection Committee: The Reflections program is a nationally sponsored PTA program that encourages students across the nation to explore their artistic talents and receive recognition. Tasks include coordinating program details with faculty and teachers, communicating upcoming theme with students, gathering submissions, securing judging for the various categories, student recognition and promoting winners to the next level.


Bear Day Committee:  Bear Day is unique to Bailey. It is the biggest fundraiser day of the year!  All students participate after lunch in fun by playing games and activities on campus at booths sponsored by teachers, school and booster clubs. This is an opportunity for teachers and clubs to raise money to support their organization. Students purchase tickets to spend at various booths. Each organization then receives funding by the amount of tickets collected at the end of the day. Tasks include logistics of ticket sales, organizing booths with the teachers and clubs, partnering with hospitality to coordinate food and all volunteers needed on Bear Day and the two weeks prior.

Communication Committee:  This is a new committee that encompasses an assortment of communication vehicles for the PTA. Possible tasks could include webmaster, newsletter, BTV and Yahoo Group communications.  Since this is a new team there is a lot of room for creativity and development.

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