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Thank you to Maurine Molack of David’s Legacy Foundation who visited with Bailey students on Friday.   In January 2016, after being a target of extensive and inescapable online harassment, her 16 year-old son, David, took his own life. In honor of their son, the Texas Legislature passed DAVID'S LAW, a bill to prevent and combat bullying.

  • Bullying is everywhere.  David’s story is not an isolated incident.

  • Bullying does not have to involve a pattern of repeated behavior.  “A single, significant act” might be sufficient to meet the definition of bullying.

  • Reach out for help!  No one can cope with something like this alone.

  • Before posting anything, think: “Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?”. 

  • Be aware of your digital footprint.  Employers, colleges, and the military may all look at what you’ve posted online and on social media.

Presentation by David Gonzalez 

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