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2018 Awards


2016-2017 Awards

Congratulations to our membership chairs on the Head Start Award given to Bailey!  Bailey is one of the 452 schools awarded this honor. To achieve the Head Start Award, our PTA membership has already met 75% of last year's total membership!

Bailey PTA is one of 577 schools that has earned Texas PTA's Early Bird Achievement Membership Award. By recruiting 100% of last year’s total membership, Bailey is well on our way to having one voice for every child on our campus. What's amazing about this accomplishment is that it's just the second month of the school year. THANK YOU BEAR COMMUNITY!!

Thank you to all of our PTA members! Because of you, the Bailey Bears PTA has been awarded the President's Club and 100 Club awards! These awards are given when a PTA has hit certain milestones by a given date. Thank you again for being part of the Bailey community.  Our membership continues to rise!

2015-2016 Awards

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