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We need you to confirm whether or not your child has a working Chromebook or personal device and access to WiFi.  Submitting this information is fast and easy. Just log in to the AISD Parent Cloud by going to, search for a tile called “Technology Distribution,” fill-out the digital form, and click “confirm.” Again, we need a form submitted for every student and are hoping that you can take care of this task right away, so our staff doesn’t spend valuable planning time calling individual families for this information.  Thank you in advance! 

Student Schedules:

Student schedules for the 2020-21 school year will be posted on the AISD Cloud next Friday, September 4th.  Not sure where to find it?  Review the instructions below for guidance:


BLEND 101 for Parents! via Zoom

Need help learning how your student will access their classes on day one? Curious to learn more about BLEND?!  Bailey will host a Zoom meeting, next Friday, September 4th to help parents understand what BLEND is and how both students and parents can get the most from this tool.  Most importantly, we will demonstrate how your student will access their classes on the first day of remote learning.   Watch for an email with a Zoom link to be sent from the school. 



How-Tos for Students at the Beginning of the Year

Please don't let the list below intimidate you.  Most AISD students are probably already quite skilled in these areas.  We just wanted to give both students AND parents a chance to leisurely review and explore the content, hoping it assists in boosting back-to-school confidence! 

Navigating AISD Tech Systems 

  1. How to log into Austin ISD Portal and organize the dashboard: (Spanish)

  2. How to access student email:

Using Canvas (BLEND)

  1. How to access Canvas:

  2. How to organize your courses and dashboard in Canvas:

  3. How to use the To Do List, List View, and Organize your Calendar in Canvas:

  4. How to set notification preferences in Canvas so that you get important reminders:

  5. How to send and receive messages in Canvas:

  6. How to submit different types of assignments in Canvas:

  7. How to reply to a discussion post in Canvas:

  8. How to view Speedgrader feedback from your teacher in Canvas:

Using Zoom

  1. How to Add Zoom on your Chromebook as a Student:

  2. How to Log Into Zoom as a Student on a Chromebook:

  3. How to use Zoom Features as a Student on a Chromebook:

Chromebook Tips

  1. How to organize your tabs:

  2. How to use Chromebook keyboard shortcuts:

  3. How to take a screenshot on your Chromebook:

Tech Troubleshooting

  1. How to Powerwash your Chromebook (to fix many problems):

  2. How to fix Google account authorization in BLEND:

  3. How to fix it when Google keeps asking you to authenticate over and over again in BLEND:



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